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Wirral Care Connectors highlight needs of Carers here

JSNA Bulletin (June 2017)

New information in the Adult Obesity section (May 2017) here

Updated Falls section (May 2017) now available here

Wirral's Child Health Profile for 2017 published by PHE here

Latest Wirral Tobacco Control Profile here 
(February 2017)

Latest Wirral Local Alcohol Profile 
here (February 2017)

Latest PHE updates on local Mental Health (February 2017)

New Dementia section here (December 2016)

Updated Diabetes section
 now available (October 2016) here

Climate and Health Section refreshed and here

Life Expectancy in Wirral (September 2016) here

How do we make Wirral a better place to live for people with a learning disability and their families? (July 2016)

A locally produced review of the 
Economic Value of Public Health Opportunities in Cheshire & Merseyside (June 2016)

An overview of the needs of 
Children, Young People and Families in Wirral (June 2016)

Children & Young People: data and demographics (July 2016)


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Key Stats

Population aged 65+ (ONS, Mid-Year Est 2015)
Population aged 0-4 (ONS, Mid-Year Est. 2015)
Population All Persons (ONS Mid-Year Est, 2015)
Number of births in Wirral (2015)
Life Expectancy Females (2012-14)
Life Expectancy Males (2012-14)
Population (GP registered, October 2016)