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Children, Young People and Families: an overview of needs here

July's JSNA Bulletin available here

Our latest Public Health Annual Report is here

Wirral Compendium of Statistics for 2016
is now available

Children & Young People: updated data and demographics here

Mosaic profiles of Wirral Parliamentary Constituencies here

Early Years Foundation Stage: Briefing paper on 2015 results here

New Health Protection and Environmental Health pages 

Latest Special Educational Needs and Disability content here

Simple Map of Wirral wards and constituencies 
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Wirral Suicide Audit Summary (data from 2013) here

Shrink the world's population down to 100 people - the result is this

Excess Winter Deaths (2013/14) available here

New PHE High Blood Pressure Profile for Wirral here

New Indices of Deprivation page ... Local 2015 Profile and more

Latest local Housing insight now available here 

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Key Stats

Population aged 65+ (ONS, Mid-Year Est 2015)
Population aged 0-4 (ONS, Mid-Year Est. 2015)
Population All Persons (ONS Mid-Year Est, 2015)
Number of births in Wirral (2015)
Life Expectancy Females (2012-14)
Life Expectancy Males (2012-14)
Population (GP registered, April 2016)