Easy Read documents

Please note: The EasRead documents below relate to the JSNA content that has more recently either been refreshed or superceded by external source content.
Consequently these documents are not up to date. We will be providing updated EasyRead documents for:a new Learning Disabilities section, a refreshed Autism section and a new Public Health Surveillance Update (Headline key issues for Wirral). We hope to have these available before Christmas 2015.

This web page has been created to present a series of Easy Read versions of each of the JSNA Chapter key issues.

These pages highlight the key and notable issues about that topic that should be considered by service providers, commissioners and wider public.

We have also provided a complete version of the Learning Disability Chapter.

Given our approach to keep the content in the JSNA as up to date and new as resources and time allow then sometimes the Easy Read version may be slightly behind any newly published content. This delay will account for the production of a new Easy Read document. 

Some documents below were updated June 2013 (please note version number and date on front page)

Please note - the previous Learning Disability Easy Read documents (Chapter 7) has been removed as it related to earlier content in our lcoal HNA. We are currently using the Merseyside HNA for Learning Disabilities and Autism (click here to view) and we are using its associated Easy Read document available here and in the list below

JSNA Key Issues Summary
Chapter 2 - Population
Chapter 3 - Health and Wellbeing
Chapter 4 - Children & Young People
Chapter 5 - Diiffernces in health (also known as Health Inequalities)
Chapter 6 - Older People
Chapter 8 - Carers
Chapter 9 - Mental Health
Chapter 10 - Alcohol
Chapter 11 - Drug Misuse
Chapter 12 - Long Term Conditions
Chapter 14 - Housing & Homelessness
Chapter 15 - Sexual Health
Merseyside HNA for Learning Disabilities and Autism Easy Read version