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(July 2015)

November 2014
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Instant Atlas

We made InstantAtlas™ available on our site to allow you to instantly create maps using up to date, local health information which you can use to enhance your reports and presentations. This facility is currently limited as the full Instant Atlas site is developed. Please revisit this page.

For those below you will need an Internet browser compatible with Adobe Flash viewer to view InstantAtlas™.

Each Atlas below has step by step instructions on how to use them when you click into the Atlas.

list provides a reference point for Wirral schools and associated venues that allows them to compare their address linked to their corresponding named Lower Super Output Area. 

This list 
provides a named Lower Super Output Area with linked Ward and Constituency area (March 2015). 

   Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 2010 by Wirral LSOA


 Geographies & Timescales

 IMD 2010 Atlas Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) is a combination of a number of the indices to give an overall score for the relative level of multiple deprivation. In total 38 separate indicators, which are grouped into seven domains each of which reflects a different aspect of deprivation, are used to produce an overall IMD score for each small area in England. The domains used in the IMD 2010 are income, employment, health, education, crime, access to services and living environment. England has been divided into 32,482 areas each having roughly the same number of people. These are known as Lower Layer Super Output Areas.



Updated; June 2012


 Child Poverty