Takeaway for a Change (May  2015) Wirral Council Environmental Health) (Full Report)
A pilot project to encourage behavioural change within families by raising awareness of and improving attitudes towards healthier options available at local fast food outlets. Full report here

Helping Ourselves: A health engagement process for Wirral male carers (April 2014 - March 2015)
 (Summary Report) (Full report)
Holistic Health care services have been made available to unpaid Wirral carers for three years, through Public Health and Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group funding but it was acknowledged that male carers were under-represented (20%) in those seeking support. In order to address this inequality, a health engagement process modelled on the Australian “pit-stop” brief intervention was implemented, which focused exclusively on male carer needs. 
A 2-hour holistic health check was the entry point to a range of services including traditional acupuncture, remedial massage, Bach flower therapy, Tibetan sound healing, food energetics dietary therapy and meditation, and all tailored according to individual need. Read reports here (Summary Report) (Full report)

Evaluation resources from
Public Service Transformation Network 
Talks and guides to help you build evaluation into your service reform project and successfully analyse its impact. Available here 

Better Food Wirral 2014 
...Local film on what food means to our
Better Food Wirral 2014...Launch Event & Conference Report...
here... plus Research what other areas are doing about local

CLear assessment of local tobacco work in Wirral (2014)
CLeaR is an improvement tool which enables areas to review their local action to tackle tobacco against the latest evidence-based practice. It provides a framework for benchmarking, peer review and continuous improvement, with an emphasis on local priorities. It identifies areas for further improvement and has been designed for use with local authorities, tobacco alliances and health and wellbeing boards. Director of Public Health, Fiona Johnstone invited the CLear team to review Wirral services and work.

Smokefree Hospitals Initiative (2013)
This evaluation report describes the outcomes and outputs from a Stop Smoking Social Marketing Project that took place across Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH) sites (Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge Hospitals) in 2013. 

Maternity Services Review (2012)
Between November 2011 and November 2012 NHS Wirral carried out a review of Wirral maternity services which evaluated both main providers of maternity services in Wirral. This was to establish the outcomes and service user experience of both services. The report included a review of the underpinning literature, case studies of good practice in maternity care, analysis of performance data, an externally commissioned evaluation, ‘patient learning’ and anecdotal evidence from service users. 

Telehealth in community Heart Failure and COPD (Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease) (2012)
This evaluation was carried out to assess the impact of remote monitoring on the wellbeing and outcomes of patients with Heart Failure and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) in Wirral.

Rapid Access Service Activity & Outcomes (2012)
The rapid access service seeks to release emergency care capacity through supporting a more rapid discharge of patients requiring long term care solutions following emergency admission. This evaluation report (completed February 2012 by NHS Wirral R&D team and outlines activity associated with the service between January and November 2011 and investigates outcomes of saved care.

Evaluation of the Integrated Social Care Officer post (2011)
An Integrated Social Care Officer was employed in February 2010 to work across A&E and PCAU (Primary Care Assessment Unit at Arrowe Park), to provide targeted social care assessment, following clinical diagnosis for certain patients in order to potentially prevent their admission to hospital. This evaluation (completed November 2011 by NHS Wirral R&D team) included quantitative analysis of service data from March 2010 to September 2011 and a qualitative exercise carried out with hospital staff to gauge experiences and opinions of the post from the point of view of those departments who use it. 

Evaluation of the Wirral Assistive Technology (AT) programme (2011)
The Assistive Technology (AT) programme aimed to help individuals live safely and independently in their own home, whilst also providing carer support. It was evaluated in November 2011 and the report is available here.

Evaluation of the Direct Access Diagnostics for Radiology (2011)
The GP Direct Access Diagnostic Service for radiology (DAD) aims to avoid unnecessary secondary care referral and/or treatment for patients and minimise delays in further investigation and onward management of cases that did require referral.This evaluation  examined aspects of the patient pathway in the service, the clinician and patient experience and the quality of the service. Evidence was collected and synthesized from radiology department data, a GP survey and patient interviews.

Evaluation of the Columbia Team (May 2011)
The Columbia Team is an intensive, specialist intervention for children and young people with complex psychological, educational and social problems. NHS Wirral commissioned an
evaluation into the impact and effectiveness of the Columbia Team. The evaluation was intended to be used as a basis for shaping the future development and commissioning of targeted and specialist child and adolescent mental health services. A presentation summarising these findings is also available.  

aluation of the Wirral Alcohol Harm Reduction Programme (2010)
In May 2010 NHS Wirral commissioned Ci Research to undertake this
evaluation of the Wirral Alcohol Harm Reduction Programme (AHRP) for the period 2008-2010, in order to determine its effectiveness, service user experience and value for money. The evaluation included staff and stakeholder consultation and consultation with users and non users in target groups.

Evaluation of the NHS Wirral Strategic Commissioning Plan (2013)

The NHS Wirral Strategic Plan (2009-13) was developed to address the key health needs of the local population. A central theme of the Strategic Plan is to transform traditional models of health service provision; from treatment and cure in hospital, to health promotion and individual health management at home or in the community. NHS Wirral’s overarching aim is to improve life expectancy and reduce health inequalities in Wirral.

The delivery of the Strategic Plan includes a comprehensive programme of evaluation. The evaluation describes the progress made in delivering the Plan, its impact on the health of the Wirral and identifies where the plan can be further improved.

The first phase of evaluation (2009-10) is complete and the Year 1 Report is presented here both as a single document and also chapter by chapter. The evaluation is ongoing and information will be added to these pages as it becomes available.

If you have any comments or queries related to the evaluation, please contact us.

Local lessons learned from the Strategic Commissioning Plan Evaluation (March 2012)

Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation - Full Report (October 2010) (PDF, 8MB) Warning! Large File

Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Executive Summary (PDF, 100K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Introduction (PDF, 39K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Health Inequalities (PDF, 208K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Alcohol (PDF, 271K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Cancer and End of Life Care (PDF, 63K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – COPD (PDF, 84K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – CVD (PDF, 69K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Mental Health (PDF, 96K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Obesity (PDF, 141K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Sexual Health (PDF, 110K) 
Strategic Plan Year 1 Evaluation – Smoking (PDF, 85K) 

Appendix A - Evaluation Framework Template (PDF, 22K) 
Appendix B - Economic Analysis Method (PDF, 40K) 
Appendix C - Health Action Area Evaluation Report (PDF, 1MB) 
Appendix D - Wirral Working 4 Health Evaluation Report (PDF, 583K) 
Appendix E - Wirral Working 4 Health Evaluation Case Study 1 (PDF, 37K) 
Appendix F - Wirral Working 4 Health Evaluation Case Study 2 (PDF, 37K) 
Appendix G - Wirral Alcohol Harm Reduction Evaluation Report (Interim Data Review) (PDF, 441K) 
Appendix H - Evaluation of the Integrated COPD Service – Report (PDF, 284K) 
Appendix I - Intermediate Heart Failure & CVD LES Evaluation Report (PDF, 1MB) 
Appendix J - Wirral Progress against National Stroke Strategy (Feb 2010) (PDF, 51K) 
Appendix K - Child Weight Management Services Evaluation Report (PDF, 2MB) 
Appendix L - Early Onset Dementia & Alcohol-Related Brain Damage Audit (PDF, 545K) 
Appendix M - Wirral Advocacy Services Beating the Blues Evaluation (October 2009) (PDF, 406K) 
Appendix N - Wirral Adult ADHD Service Report (PDF, 79K) 
Appendix O - Evaluation of the mental health service provision for BME Communities (PDF, 118K)