Factsheets & reports on particular health conditions & issues

Short reports briefly outline topic areas which we think will be useful to users of this site. 

Managed Dosage Systems (LPHO) (October 2014)
Suicide Prevention Training (LPHO) 
(October 2014)
Loneliness (LPHO) (July 2014)
Life Expectancy in Wirral (Update January 2014)
Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 2010: Wirral Summary (October 2012)
Child Poverty and Health in Wirral (September 2012)
Child Poverty and Hospital Admissions in Wirral (September 2012)
Damp Housing and its health effects (September 2012)
Unemployment and Health (September 2012)
Re-employment and Health (September 2012)
COPD in Wirral: Diagnosed & Undiagnosed Prevalence (August 2012)
Infant Mortality (October 2011)
Life Expectancy in Wirral: 2011 (September 2011)
Excess Winter Deaths in Wirral (August 2011)
Cancer: incidence and mortality update  (October 2010)  
Excess Cancer Deaths in Wirral 2006 - 2008 (June 2010)
Infant Mortality in Wirral (February 2010)
Ethnicity in Wirral (October 2009)
Breast Cancer profile for Wirral (September 2009)
Emergency Hospital Admissions for Injuries in the 0-17s (September 2009)
Index of Multiple Deprivation (February 2008)
Breastfeeding Initiation in Wirral (October 2007)
Falls in Older People in Wirral (October 2007) 
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (May 2007)
Diabetes (March 2007)
MapInfo: An Overview (June 2006)
Super Output Areas (June 2006) 
Synthetic Estimates (June 2006) 
Ward Boundaries (June 2006)