Geodemographics and social marketing


Mosiac Profile of Wirral 2014Geo-demographic packages have become more widely used by the NHS and other public bodies in recent years because they are useful in providing in-depth information about local populations. They use a number of data sources including the Census, health, education, criminal justice system, housing and consumer data (i.e about products that people buy and their finances).

There are a number of these packages available (e.g Mosaic, ACORN etc…). The NHS and Wirral Borough Council primarily use Mosaic Public Sector because of the large amount of detailed and useful information it contains. Mosaic works by assigning every postcode in the UK to a particular group and type. There are 15 main groups in the Mosaic Classification system, and 66 sub-types.

The latest 2017
Mosaic Profile of Wirral provides an overview of how the Wirral population looks when analysed using Mosaic (the map - right - shows the distribution of the groups in Wirral).

Using Mosaic means that information can be targeted just where it is needed. For example, information on how you can reduce your risk of falling as you get older is not appropriate for people in their 20’s, but it may be of interest to people in their 70’s and 80’s. Targeting messages more effectively and ensuring that the right message is read by the right people is also cost-effective, as resources are not wasted informing everybody about issues which may not affect them.

The information we produce using Mosaic is used to inform future health and well-being work in Wirral on a variety of health issues. Below are some examples of the information we have provided to various teams and departments in Wirral to enable them target their work more effectively.


 Analysis carried out using Mosaic in Wirral  

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