Literature reviews on specific health issues

Evidence Reviews

Evidence reviews will be of use to those responsible for making decisions about the commissioning of health services in Wirral, but may also be of interest to other groups interested in the specific topics. The reviews generally focus on conditions or procedures where there is evidence that a change in practice could result in improved care for patients and cost savings to the PCT. The reviews present robust evidence in the form of guidelines and literature regarding the condition or procedure, and link this to current practice within Wirral, resulting in recommendations for decision makers to consider and implement as appropriate. Evidence Reviews have been produced on the following topics:

Older People & Social Isolation (April 2015)
Social Prescribing (PHIT, July 2015)
Physical Activity - Rapid Evidence Review (LPHO, April 2015)
Suicide Prevention Training (LPHO) (October 2014)
Monitored Dosage Systems (LPHO, October 2014)
Loneliness (LPHO, July 2014)
Sexual Health Services in Schools (May 2009)
Digital Mammography (May 2009)
Osteopathy (Jan 2009)
Aortic Aneurysm Screening (Nov 2008)
Stroke (Sept 2008)
Protective clothing & motorcycle collisions (Apr 2008)
Excess Winter Deaths (Sept 2009)
Hernia (Dec 2007)
Minor Skin Lesions (Nov 2007)
Knee Replacement (Nov 2007)
Primary Hip Replacement (Nov 2007)
Hip and Knee Replacement Revisions (Nov 2007)