National Outcome Frameworks


NHS England Local Authority Packs
Local Authority Packs present high-level comparative information on the NHS, the Adult Social Care and the Public Health frameworks.

Wirral's Local Authority Pack (last produced in 2014) can be viewed

Public Health Outcomes Framework
Indicators 2013/16 - here
Latest Performance - here

NHS Outcomes Framework
Indicators 2014/15 - here
Performance - August 2014 - here

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework
Indicators Latest - here
Performance up to 2014/15 - here

Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Framework
Indicators 2015/16 - here 
Performance up to 2015 - here

Key information sources for you to consider:
Health and social care outcomes frameworks (Collection)
Public Health England Data and Knowledge Gateway
NHS Information Centre
JSNA other useful sources of information