Wirral Population

For population numbers and projections continue to use Wirral Stats Compendium 2015 and accessible here 

Related information 

JSNA Children & Young People: Demographic Information for Early Years and Maternity (July 2016)
This document includes data on numbers of births, children and young people in Wirral and population projections for children. It also includes information on deprivation, prevalence of low birthweight, breastfeeding, obesity and injuries

Previous information
Children & Young People: Maternity and Early Years Demographics (February 2015) here
Profile of Wirral Population using Mosaic (September 2014)
Chapter 2. Population (minor update April 2014 (Warning - large file)
Previous Chapter 2: Population (was added June 2013) (Warning - large file)  

Key information sources for you to consider:
NHS Outcomes Framework
National Centre for Health Outcomes Development
NHS Information Centre
JSNA other useful sources of information